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Payment FAQs

You may use the following payment options while shopping on our website:

I. Credit card online payment route.


Supporting VISA, MASTERCARD, American Express, JCB, Diners Club, Discover 6 card types. The highly secured payment route is certified by PCI-DSS, transmitting via SSL certificate with MD5 digital signature, makes your finicial data exchange be the top highest encrypted and secured strongly in payment procedure. We recommend all customers using this payment route as priority choice.

P.S.: For Credit Card Payment User Please don't apply charge back to us via bank. All funds paid to us will be safe forever. 

Any orders that which are out of stock or by any other reasons makes us failed in shipping, we will refund your money back immediately.

Important Notice: If your credit card payment can't go thorough, there might be the following 2 situations:

A. Your bank rejected the payment. Please contact with your bank and ask for authorization of payment, then you may try again.

B. Your card is in the blacklist, our credit card systems block your card payment automatically. By this sitation, please try other methods.


A. Fraudulent card will be blocked here!

B. Scammers of credit card user please keep off from us! Your IP address, Shipping address is recorded here!
     We have local agents whom will help us investigating Scammers for fraudulent transaction and Malicious Charge back!

II. Western union  

Second Priority choice for customers. The payment methods is fast in money sending and it's very convenient to buyers and us. 5% discount is granted for 

the above payment options.

III. Bank Transfer / Transferwise

Recommended for placing orders with amount over $1000.00. Send funds via bank will takes 2-3 days in arrival to our account. For large amount order over $1000.00, choosing this payment option will be getting extra discount.

Please note that we don't use PayPal payment.

IV. Bitcoins

Bitcoins Cryptocurrency acceptable here! Wallete address will be notified after order placed on website! Highly recommended!

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