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Shipping Policy

We selling & shipping worldwide. Locating at international aviation hub--HongKong, makes our shipping choices widely and high-speed. 

Shipping Policy

We offer 2 options for parcel shipping.

I. International Express shipping.

Shipping agent:

4PX Shipping Company

Tracking website:

ime of Delivery: Shipment effected within 3 working days, another 4-6 working days in arrival to EU&US, 6-15 working days to other worldwide 130 countries & areas. By this shipping way, we ensure the safety arrival for the parcel. 

II. 4PX Transshipping Via UK.

4PX Transhipping Supporting European Countries. Especially for Czech, Poland, Luxembourg, Bvlgaria, Denmark, Hungaria, Austria.

About Parcel Tracking

Tracking number will be updated on your member center. As long as you got the tracking number, you will be able to track it by using the following website links:

The site can provide tracking information for various parcel tracking number from different shipping agent like DHL / EMS / HongKong Post / Fedex / TNT / UPS etc.

Insurance for safe delivery is provided if you choose $60 Insurance Shipping options!

About Customs Tax

Your parcel might be charged importing taxes depending your local customs regulations. We don't take responsible for the taxes which occurring in customs clearing in your countries, buyers should pay taxes on themselves. Besides, if your customs requiring a tax no. in clearing parcels, please provide the no. to us before we sending the parcel, we will declare your tax no. on the invoice of the parcel.

About Customs Parcel Seize

With more than 10 years shipping experience, the case of parcel seizure in customs happening occassionally, however, it's a very rare situation comparing the parcels that delivered successfully. Whatever, the customs does confisacating parcels in some special areas.

Upon firm confirmation/evidence showing that pacakge got taken by customs, please contact with us and sending the proof(Formal Letter of Notification from customs/postal ofice about seize), we will bear 50% costs for the loss and send parcel again by other shipping methods.