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IWC - Big Pilot Heritage IW501004 TI/LE Black TWF A52110

TWF Factory Big Pilot Heritage with Working Power Reserve needle!
Made with a Genuine 1:1 and is in real high grade Titanium Case!

MOVEMENT: Asia 23J Automatic Movement, Platinum Plated bridges and insignia similar to Genuine IWC52110 Movement (Working Power Reserve Needle)
DIAL COLOR: Black Dial with Numeral markers & power reserve indicator, Superlume Hour markers & Needles
CASE MATERIAL: Satin Finish High Grade Titanium Case
BRACELET: Brown Riveted Calf Leather strap with Single Fold Deployant Buckle
FRONT GLASS: Sapphire Crystal with AR coating like Genuine
CASE BACK: Solid case back with detailed engraving
BEZEL: High Grade Titanium Satin Finish Bezel
CLASP TYPE: Single Fold Deployant Buckle
DATE INDICATOR: At 6:00 position (Adjusted via the crown)


Waterproofed to 30m direct from Factory

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